Donald Trump: What does Trump want from Xi?


What Donald Trump wants most is:

A. Donald Trump wants to be re-elected and even accused China, Russia and other countries that they are trying to make him lose the upcoming election. B. Trump feels that the previous US leaders were politically and economically inferior to China and Russia, causing the US country to decline. That is why his policies are “American First” and “Make American Great Again.”

C. Under Trump’s administration, he considered China the number one enemy and take strict actions against China. Donald Trump wants to force China to follow his willing: respect intellectual property, respect human rights (Hong Kong, Tibet and Xinjiang), balance trade between China and US, not expand military in the South China Sea and East China Sea, practice fair business and want China to help solving North Korea’s nuclear issue.

D.  In general, the Trump administration is determined to prevent and deter China. There are also a number of international issues that Donald Trump wants to address in order to show off his allies and show the United States’ position on international issues, but all of these require Chinese cooperation.

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