Donald Trump: The Achievements and Legacies


Recently, US politics has not only been able to strengthen its military and economic strength, but has also weakened its enemy, China, and gained strong support from Asia, especially the Indo-Pacific.  Donald Trump has built the important legacies for the next generation of politicians: economic strength, enormous military presence in the Indo-Pacific, and contained the Chinese growth and influence.

In expanding its presence in the Indo-Pacific, the United States has not made the world realize that it wants to dominate and expand its influence in the region, but has made the world the think that US intends to help maintain order, stability and security in the region. In fact, it is clear that the United States has huge benefit, contain China, and gain its prestige and its economic interests by selling arms and strengthening its trading partners.

As a superpower, the United States cannot hand over its seat to China. Although the United States is a troublemaker, the United States has a reason to do so, which makes the world think that the US is fighting for justice, but Chinese respond will make China more harmful. US will not allow China to have a great opportunity to replace.

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