Discover the Charm of Arowana Hills – Luxurious A-Frame Villa

As a dedicated home reviewer and nature enthusiast, I recently had the pleasure of staying at The Arowana Hills, an exquisite A-Frame villa nestled in the scenic mountains of Lonavala.

This 4BHK property is not just a testament to architectural beauty but also a sanctuary for those seeking to immerse themselves in nature while enjoying the comforts of luxury.

 Luxurious A-Frame Villa

Here’s my detailed review of this stunning villa, which has rightly earned its place as the most booked property by The Arowana Villa.

First Impressions

The moment I set foot into The Arowana Hills, I was captivated by its striking triangular structure and the breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. The villa’s exterior, blending seamlessly with the natural landscape, promised an experience that would be as serene as it was luxurious.

 Luxurious A-Frame Villa

The Bedrooms

Each of the four air-conditioned bedrooms at The Arowana Hills is a haven of comfort. Two bedrooms are conveniently located on the ground floor, one on the first floor, and another on the second, offering both privacy and accessibility.

 Luxurious A-Frame Villa

The rooms are equipped with TVs, premium linen, and comfortable bedding, ensuring a restful sleep. What’s more, each room comes with its own balcony, providing stunning views of the hills, making waking up here an experience in itself.

 Luxurious A-Frame Villa

The Bathrooms

The villa houses four washrooms, three attached and one common, each fitted with modern amenities and geysers for hot water. The highlight for me was the bathtub in one of the bathrooms,

 Luxurious A-Frame Villa

Adding a touch of luxury to the bathing experience. Essentials like towels and soaps are thoughtfully provided, adding to the comfort of your stay.

 Luxurious A-Frame Villa
Arowana Hills

Outdoor Spaces

The Arowana Hills excels in offering splendid outdoor spaces. The villa boasts a private pool overlooking the mountains, perfect for a refreshing dip while admiring the view.

Arowana Hills

The outdoor seating areas are ideal for dining under the stars or enjoying a morning cup of coffee. The lawns are well-maintained, offering space for outdoor activities or simply lounging in the sun.

Other Amenities

The villa’s charm doesn’t end with its outdoor allure. Inside, you’ll find a fully equipped kitchen, complete with a fridge and microwave – a convenience for those who prefer to cook their meals.

Arowana Hills

The separate dining area, with a large table, is perfect for family dinners. And for music lovers, the Bluetooth speaker allows you to set the mood with your favorite tunes.

Indoor Games and Pool Activities

For entertainment, The Arowana Hills offers a variety of indoor games, including Carrom and Chess, ensuring that there’s never a dull moment. The 24/7 mountain-facing pool is an inviting retreat for a leisurely swim at any time of the day or night.

Arowana Hills

Dining and Cuisine

One of the highlights of my stay was the dining experience. The villa comes with an in-house chef, included in the package, who prepares delicious meals throughout the day. The quality and variety of food were exceptional, making each meal a delightful experience.

Experiences and Activities

My stay at The Arowana Hills was a blend of relaxation and adventure. The tranquility of the villa, combined with the activities available, made for a perfectly balanced holiday. Whether it was lounging by the pool, enjoying a game of chess, or exploring the nearby areas, there was always something to do.


In conclusion, The Arowana Hills is more than just a luxurious villa; it’s a gateway to a unique experience that combines the serenity of nature with the comforts of modern living.

Whether you’re a couple seeking a romantic getaway or a family looking for a luxurious retreat, The Arowana Hills in Lonavala is a destination that should not be missed.

Arowana Hills

Additional Information

For those interested in booking, The Arowana Hills is part of the Arowana Villas Collection, managed personally by the owner, Asis. In case this villa is booked on your preferred dates,

There are other similar properties in the collection to consider. For more information and to make a reservation, you can contact Asis directly, ensuring a personalized and seamless booking experience.

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