Deng Xiaoping and Lee Kuan Yew: let’s learn from them


“The Leader has to take the right path, but if it is necessary for him to go to any evil, he must know how to do it well and make sure that its consequences won’t affect him”.  If the leader doesn’t know how to do bad thing, he will not be able to uphold his power for long.(Niccola Michiavelli).

Leaders must let the people know that everything they do is not right, but everything they do is for a noble purpose to serve the nation and its people. (Lee Kuan Yew). Whatever the leaders do may not be always in the moral ways, but they do for the purpose of nation and people.

“The Great leaders must not give up their last choice. He should prepare for everything that is possible” Deng Xiaoping. If you give up the last choice, you will never success.  The others will take it. Be smart and prudent. Those who wish to be great leaders, but be thoughtful.

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