Cold War: Different Ideologies and Methods


After the World War II, Two new powers emerged as world powers: the United States and the Soviet Union. Once again, these two world powers have stepped into a new game and made new history for the world: a psychological war to rule the world, expand influence, especially forcing others countries to recognize the ones’ own values and principles. The two powers have completely different political, economic, and social perspectives. Two major ideologies compete with each other: democracy and communism.

The communists believed that in order to create the society to be peaceful, the world to be peaceful, there must be real peace, to have real order, real prosperity and equal value, and real harmony, unless that society has no class caste system, no private property, and no religion and everything controlled by state.

Democracy, on the other hand, wants free markets, freedom, political rights, religious rights, and private property. As a result, the two powers split the world into two separate blocs, which we call the Cold War. The Competition created  the very destructive catastrophic situations. The Soviets used the methods of overthrowing, arming for anti-governments groups, and coups, while the United States helped restore the economy of its former enemies of World War II and brought those countries under its influence and protection to unite against the Soviet Union.

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