Chinese Strategic Thinking: Six Chinese political and Economic objectives


Brzezinski believes China and the United States are the greatest powers of the century. The two countries can benefit greatly from each other if they can work well together, and they will lose both interests if they can’t manage the relationship well. China and the United States feel unhappy and suspicious with each other. The United States thinks China is taking advantage of U.S economy and technology, while China thinks the United States is taking advantage of its internal affairs and gathering the allies for anti-China. The two countries really observe each other’s actions very carefully and are ready to respond. Here are the six Chinese Economic and Political objectives in the world politics:

1. To reduce the danger posed by China’s potential geographical encirclement as the United States seeks to link security issues with its allies Japan, South Korea and the Philippines, as well as the risks posed by blockade of shipping routes. China need to navigate on the Strait of Malacca extends to the Middle East and extends to Africa and Europe. In addition, due to the difficulty of trading by land routes to expand economic influence to Europe due to the vast land territory of Russia and Central Asia.

In East and Southeast Asia, China faces US allies and naval bases from Japan, South Korea and the Philippines. In South Asia, China faces maritime strategy. China worries of US-Indian naval powers presence and it will be blocked if the wars break out. Central Asia is a vast landlocked territory where China’s new Silk Road must pass through to connect to Europe. So, China first objective is to reduce the threat that posed by U.S military presence in Indo-pacific, and it wants to assure its land and seas routes. These are also the reasons that China builds the string of pearls and tries to control South China Sea as well as connect the belt and road to Europe from Central Asia and Middle East. (the Article is summarized from the ideas of Brzezinski). (Please read the next articles to understand other 5 objectives)

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