Chinese Experts: Great Success of China Comes from History and the Masses

On March 4, the Russian newspaper Pravda published an article entitled “The most important experience of the Chinese Communist Party for success is the ability to learn from history and the masses” by Zyuganov, chairman of the committee​ Central Russian Communist Party and Doctor of Philosophy. Zyuganov noted that since its inception, the Communist Party of China has led the Chinese people out of poverty and resilience towards their great prosperity and great contribution to the whole world, too.

The experience of the Chinese Communist Party is to grasp advanced theories and learn from the masses. The Chinese Communist Party has always strived to meet the growing needs of the people in terms of living and culture. The Chinese Communist Party has laid the foundation for the people and also seek benefits for the people. At the same time, China has been eradicating extreme poverty and striving to build a society in which people have a decent standard of living. The leaders of the provinces, autonomous regions, ethnic minorities and cities under their jurisdiction also signed a letter of responsibility for poverty reduction. Through this approach, China’s poverty reduction operations have become more effective, including raising general income levels, building rural infrastructure, providing social security and boosting public services​ health, education and culture. China is now not only helping the world successfully overcome the economic crisis, but also pointing out important strategic directions for the future.

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