China’s third Generation, Under leadership of Jiang Zemin


Jiang Zemin was a core leader of third generation from 1992-2002. The generation was looking for continuing economic development by calling for more cooperation and integrated with World Trade Organization. In his addressed to UN general assembly he asked for joining to build up “ a brighter world”, “respecting others’ independence and sovereignty”, “build up the common security” and “ promoting of multipolar international system”.

“The Chinese people, going all out for the socialist modernization drive, are ready to work with the people of other countries to usher in a better new century”.

Domestically, he initiated a socio-political theory which is called “Three Represents”. The three represents are: Represents advanced social productive forces which is stands for economic production, Represents the progressive course of China’s advanced culture which stands for cultural development, and Represents the fundamental interests of the majority” stands for political consensus.

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