China’s political and Economic objectives: On Taiwan, Asia and Africa


5. China needs to unite Taiwan as soon as possible. Taiwan is the core factor of Chinese security and power which is the Chinese biggest enemies use Taiwan as the tool to threat it (China). China must adhere to Deng Xiaoping’s policy of “one country, two systems”. “The True power never keeps its weakness for enemy to invade”. Lee Kuan Yew also believed that China will be successful in unifying Taiwan. Taiwan now is struggling to strengthen its military might by buying jet fighters from U.S.

6. To gain a favorable economic influence and in politics  indirectly in regions such as the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, to ensure access to raw materials, minerals, agricultural products and energy, while also creating markets for factory products. Chinese industry could eventually dominate economic and political influence in these regions. China needs raw materials and energies to support its economic growth and needs more markets for its manufacturing products. There is a very famous quote from Machiavelli saying that ” If you can win by deception, save your energy. No need to use your forces”. China wants to be global superpower by never by fighting, but seeks for victories without fighting. (Please read the previous articles to understand more).

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