China’s Main Strategies to Secure Its Position As Global Power


Pre-2015, China was able to concentrate on designing and building “comprehensive national power” which was described as  “period of strategic opportunity” in the global environment.
The Pre-2015 of the CCP’s main strategic goals were to:

  1. uphold CCP leadership all national sectors
  2. Secure domestic and internal stability and inclusion
  3. Secure its economic development and growth to serve its goals.
  4. Protect and Secure its national sovereignty and territorial integrity
  5. Enhance and secure its position as the world power.

It is very hard to explain the challenges that China’s strategic involvement and expanding civil and military capabilities face in trying to compete with the US. Generally, it is believed that China has been trying to integrate its political, economic, and military powers to achieve its goals by evading direct war with great powers such as the US.

While the United States focuses on strengthening military power to deter China and prepare for major wars, China focuses on modern technologies, key industrial sectors, and military untapped potential. This is because China knows that technological and economic powers are as strong as military power. In addition, China knows that modern warfare does not totally depend on conventional war but also on third-party states, non-state actors, and psychological power to deter and intimidate.

The increasing complexity and uncertainty on international stages forces China to revise its strategic objectives. We recommend reading this book to gain a comprehensive understanding of the strategic objectives of the United States, China, and Russia. 

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