China’s Fourth Generation, Under the leadership of Hu Jintao


The generation started from 2002-2012 which the core leaders were Hu Jintao, Wu Bangguo, and Wen Jiabao and so on. Their leadership was a technocratic style and less centralized on political power. The Generation was looking for strengthening its economic growth and social harmony, and multi-cooperation and common development goals. Hu Jintao also proposed for building the harmonious world, strengthening cooperation and coordination for well-rounded development for all countries. Wen Jiabao also called for jointly effort to realize the Millennium Development Goals.

The main political objectives were scientific development concept which aimed at guiding socio-economic development toward harmonious society which was incorporated with scientific socialism, sustainable development, social welfare, a humanistic society, increased democracy, and mixing with maxims to the China reality, and the methodology of development.  It started to build the major elements of economic advancement and looking forward to catch up high technological and innovative driving. Compared to the west, China was far behind in these fields which was very often complained for abusing the intellectual and copy rights.

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