China trains to use the commercial vessels as military bases


China has moved a step ahead of military strategy and capacity training in which will make the rest of the world blur by experiment the civilian and commercial ships to train as military means. This experiment will enhance Chinese military and capacity, but has raised the concerns over the law of sea. This training was conducted earlier of this month in the purpose of strengthening its national defense purpose. The ideas were initiated since 2016 by at that time China allowed the private companies who design the vessels for shipping and transportation to ensure that its can be used as military in the case of serious conflict. The new designed ships will be able to use as the helicopter bases.

The training was also taken place amid the South China Sea tensions has reached its dangerous level. It should be noted that China need to be a great naval powerful nation to unify Taiwan and safeguard its national security. while U.S is increasing its military might in the Indo-Pacific, in which its aircraft carriers, bombers, and warships are in the South China Sea, China has to strengthen its might to counter-US navies.

If the training is so successful, China will be able to utilize its civilian ships as the military purposes, and its naval power will growth very fast. The civilian ships are also cheap. However, U.S also has developed the concept of using the civilians ships as the multiple purposes including the military for several years.

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