China: To replace U.S is still the dream, to keep the stability and expand the influence are the realities


Big dreams, big plans, great ambitions, work-hard, and be brave to taking risk, and be innovative, are the words that very urged by Chinese president Xi Jinping to make sure that China will not only a prosperous nations, but stronger and more powerful. Xi plans to build four aircraft carriers by 2030, modernize all equipment and catch up the high-tech information by 2035, and building the world class military by 2050. He also plans to double the number of navy to go as far as possible in the oceans.

Xi believes that he needs only two factors to achieve his dreams, great national rejuvenation, world class military, and overtake U.S in economic size, are the technology and economy. Unless the economy still gain its high growth, China will be able to satisfice the people, expanding the influence, and strengthening the military power, as well as keep the stability. Unless the technology is improve, China economy and military will go so far and fast. However, China has very long way in almost all fields to run after the U.S. In additions, U.S is practicing the antagonism foreign policy against China as well as call for its allies to take the U.S side.

How can Xi Jinping promote high-tech and innovation with the U.S restriction of technological transferring? All his dreams and plans will be in vain if the economy is going to go down and if the technological transferring is going to be cut off. Xi is now doing two major things, urge for Independent innovation, and trying to use Chinese vast economic system to seek influence and market. However, China finds itself very hard to break the U.S barriers.

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