China: the Emerging Superpower and the West’s Fears

There has never been a peaceful transformation of the global power , but the nature of the world, as mentioned by Buddha, is the process of the constantly changing. The rising and declining and up and down (Yin and Yang) as Chinese sage mentioned are the absolutely true nature of the world . Now, this nature is seems forcing the hardest transformation of the global power between the east and the west. MacArthur used to say about five decades ago that ” the Mediterranean is the center of the global power in the past, Atlantic is the present center of the global power, while the Asia-Pacific is the center of global power in the future”.

Now, his words become true. The power of the world has shifted to the Asia-pacific. Asia-pacific is the heart of the world. It also seems change the role of the global superpower between the U.S and China in the next three or four decades. This theory causes the deep concerns among the west especially the U.S.

The emerging of China as the new superpower would be considered by the U.S that that is very unacceptable. For the U.S, only the U.S that is able enough and powerful enough to be the leader of the leaders. They will try to do everything possible to refuse the transformation of the global power. Thucydides also warned that ” the conflict between the rising power and the established power is inevitable”. Why?

First of all, there has never been any superpower that could accept the change and has will to offer its seat as the superpower to others. Therefore, there will be the series great struggling and contesting for supremacy between the two countries as well as to seek for supporting. The rising superpower have to try its best to reach its supremacy while the established superpower will try its best to contain or to ruin.

Second of all, U.S still thinks that the world is belong to her because it was saved by her from the two world wars. The U.S even thinks that only following the its power and system that the world will be in peace and prosperity.

Third of all, the U.S has the deep concerns inside her heart that China will discard and against the her when China becomes the superpower. Former U.S security of state Henry Kissinger warned that ” Once China is strong enough to stand alone, it might discard us. A little later it might turn against us”. U.S also fears that the losing of the position as the global superpower means that ” the losing of American Interest “.

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