US-China: the War Seems Unavoidable Over Taiwan


The word ” Independence means war ” and “Taiwan is inseparable ” are the clearest messages from Beijing to Taiwan and the world, especially the US and its allies. For Beijing , China is able to bear any burden and pay any price for a unified China. Whoever wish to separate Taiwan from China will be punished severely in term of economy and military.

The US and its allies has tried to keep the current political status-quo that China would not be able to surpass it in term of military and geopolitical power in Pacific and in the world. Therefore, to keep Taiwan and China separating is the most important tool to prevent China from surpassing. US adopts the policy of ” ambiguity ” in from of China and Taiwan”.

That is to prevent Taiwan from declaring independence and to deter China from invading. Therefore, selling the big amounts of weapons to Taiwan and support it in term of diplomacy are the best ways for US.

However, the US and its allies should be clear that ” China is ready to unified even it has to go to war with US and its allies”. Within the minutes of Taiwan declaration, all air and navies as well as major weapons will be heading forward to Taiwan from China. China has to fight and finish off the issue.

Would China go to war with US if it go to help Taiwan? Absolutely. China has never been fearful of US. US have to remember that ” China fought and forced US to negotiate in Korean war 1950-1953″. At that time, China was too weak. However, China went to war with the most powerful nuclear country whom shocked the world by bombing Japanese cities. Later on, China also helped Vietnam to bog US down in the second Indochina war.

China was not a powerful nation at that time. In term of military, it had no nuclear and modern weapons. In term of economy, it was the poorest. But in term of strategic and psychological power, both US and Soviet were unable to defeat China.

Over last four decades, US has gone to war with many countries and toppled down many leaders but what has China done. Bowed it head down and developed its capacity to reach what Xi Jinping calls ” Fight and Win”.

In order to reduce its threat and direct confrontation with China, US uses its traditional strategy of ” gathering most of the men to the place of confrontation first”. Therefore, the US is calling ” Hey, all allies, Japan, Australia, US, and others, come here to counter China”.

It seem very boastful to say that China, however, will be able to handle this strategy and unify Taiwan. China now is the biggest market of the world and the second biggest both in terms of military spending and economy.

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