China as the Last Man Standing while the West Declining

  1. China as the Sovereign Survivor: leave us to survive as the communist power. The communist that was originated in Russia and them brought to establish in China was no longer survive in its homeland, but China. It survive through, different means, reform and opening up, and the adaptation of the name “Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, and Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in New Era”. Beyond surviving is going to have influence. The Tiananmen Square event was the most threat to the survival of Communist but also the opportunity to “survive for long times”. Deng said “we could benefit from this incident”.

2. China as the Last Man Standing: the west is in decline, while we have deep pocket. In the Moa’ Era China economy was very bad through the continuous revolutions. Deng then focused on the economic development “to be rich is Glorious”. The two systems, reform and opening up, and the state-enterprises help China grows rapidly and suffered little from the 2008 global economic crisis.

3. China as the Herald of The High Frontier: we share and safeguard the global commons. Xi Jinping declared China enter the New Era and promises to take more responsibility, support the UN, proposed the new type of major powers relations, and proposed the ideas of the community of shared future of mankind.

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