China-Russia Relations: Why Russia Doesn’t Sell S-400 to China?


China has long tried to negotiate for buying the S-400 from Russia, but Russia has postponed it. The S-400 is one of the very most capable weapons of Russia which is able to destroy the American newest and most capable jet fighter. While China and the United States are tense in many fronts, Russia still refuses to sell to China. A few days ago, Russia sold to Turkey the S-400. Why does Russia not sell to China? In short, worry. Russia is very worried about Chinese influence. China and the United States are vying for supremacy in the Indo-Pacific, but Russia could lose its influence in the Indo-pacific which is a very potential region.

Russia has always hold the view that “I’m not afraid of the enemy because all the enemy can do is attack me. I’m not afraid of friend because all that the friend can do is betray me. But I’m afraid of fake friend. In last few weeks, China attacked India at the disputed border, but this attack is also to worry the Russia. Few days after China attacked India, Russia sold arms to India, leading pro-Chinese analysts to call it an “act of betrayal.” The reason is that Russia has to be a partner of India to curb Chinese influence in the future. In short, Russia and India are China’s potential enemies.

Now China and Russia are united because China is weak and Russia needs China’ s assistance economically and to counter the United States and NATO in the Middle East. Russia and China are the two great powers that cooperate in the sense of struggling for influence and power. China is going to be the great power that will left Russia behind. As the China and Russia share the long borders connection, Russia feel that these weapons will threat back to Russia in the FUTURE.

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