China-Russia relations during Ukrainian War


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China has increased its rhetorical support for Russia, despite calls from the United States and other countries for Beijing to denounce Moscow over the conflict in Ukraine.

“A key takeaway from the achievement of China-Russia ties is that the two countries have moved beyond the Cold War paradigm of military and political alliance,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said, stressing that the two countries “vow ourselves to building a new model of international relations.”

According to Zhao, who spoke at a regular briefing in Beijing on Friday, this paradigm entailed not inciting conflict or targeting other countries.

He went on to stress that this was not the same as certain countries’ “Cold War mentality”—Beijing’s traditional critique of US collaboration with blocs like the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, whose growth Beijing claims led to Russia’s attack.

Last month, President Joe Biden cautioned Chinese President Xi Jinping that backing Moscow over the invasion would have “implications and repercussions,” and the Chinese leader stated that his nation did not want to see the war.

China has shown no signs of supporting Russia or assisting it in evading sanctions, but it has provided rhetorical assistance by repeating Russian conspiracy theories, such as the erroneous assertion that the US operates a network of weapons biolabs in Ukraine.

An Analysis

There are four reason for China to strengthen Sino-Russia relationship:

  1. China and Russia share the most potential and the strongest enemy- American. They need each other to counter the western expansion.
  2. China is being surrounded by many enemies such as Japan, India, Vietnam, and therefore China needs Russian arms and energy supply to invigorate its defense and economy.
  3. China and Russia both have less strategic and reliable partners. Therefore, they have the shared concerns and commitment.
  4. China and Russia believe that only improving their strong relations that they both can grow well and reduce the threats post by the US.

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