China-Russia and India: Your enemy is not my mine


The relationship between Russia and China and between India and the United States is complex, unsympathetic, and interest-oriented. India and China are enemies, while Russia, a friend of India, is a key Chinese strategic partner in the competition against the United States. At the same time, India is an ally of the United States, while the United States is an enemy of Russia. In this sense, both Russia and India must adhere to the principle that “your enemy is not my enemy, but I will be your friend.” The growing of China can be a very severe threat for India, but Russia can also tell India, “China is my friend just like you. If you want a weapon, buy from me. “I sell to both of you equally.”

Russia can also tell China, India is my friend just like you. I sold him the weapon as I did to you”. The enmity between the two of you is a matter for both of you. I have no idea”. In this matter, they believe that “they all have the freedom, sovereignty and autonomy to set policies without subordinating to friendship.” The United States cannot force India to regard American enemy as hers. India has a big enemy, China, which is growing and strong, both economically and militarily. At the same time, China is occupying the surrounding countries and expanding its activities in the Indian Ocean, which is of great concern to India. The U.S and Idia have a better ground for cooperation are: first of all, they have China as the common enemy, and the second and the last, they have the same political value.

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