China praises itself on human rights issues


China has a bad reputation in the field of human rights. Western groups, especially the United States, have increasingly criticized Beijing’s human rights abuses against ethnic minorities. But on Monday, February 22, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi claimed that socio-economic development in Xinjiang and Tibet, ​for example​ reflect the improvement of China’s human rights record. “China eradicates extreme poverty for the first time! In 60 years, the per capita GDP of Xinjiang has increased nearly 40 times (40 times) in terms of age Life expectancy has risen from an average of 32 years to 72 years.

This was confirmed by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi at a forum dedicated to Sino-US relations taking place in Beijing. At least 1 million Uighurs have been detained in a concentration camp in Xinjiang, according to a US-Australian Institute study. Some are forced to work hard or have no children. The US State Department called China’s actions against the Uighurs genocide. But China has categorically denied the two allegations.

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