CHINA Power:There is a Chinese Overpowering Force: Reawakening


Every Chinese leader is proud of their people because of their talents, persistence, and braveness. As president Xi Jingping said “The Chinese people are the great people; they are industrious and brave, and they never pause in pursuit of progress”. It is said that “Chinese are smart, brave, persistent, hard work, ambitious, productive, but difficult to trust and low morality”. Lee also admired Chinese for their endurance and self-mastering. Historically, Chinese overcame every problems and struggled to survive by themselves under many and heavy wars and natural disasters without the care from government.

The hard conditions made Chinese more self-determination and hard work, and more saving.  Lee saw the very special force of Chinese both people and leader who want a stronger and powerful China. Lee said “The Chinese people have raised their expectations and aspirations. Every Chinese wants a strong and rich China, a nation as prosperous, advanced, and technologically competent as America, Europe, and Japan. This reawakened sense of destiny is an overpowering force”. He called the special force as “Reawakening and overpowering”.

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