China Military Power: will it be a Global Superpower by 2050?


Today, China is a second largest Economy in the world and the second highest military spending in the world after United States. In economy, China plans to overtake U.S as soon as possible by the end of this decade. However, Chinese Economy depends much on the western market and technology. In Military, China’s capacity still quite far behind Russia which focus on military and security. Since 2007, Chinese military spending has been increased very high due to its economic growth and the ambition to be a global superpower by the Middle of 21th Century. The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) was founded since 1927 in the Nanchang uprising.

Today, the PLA consists of ground force, Air force, Naval force, Rocket force, and PLA strategic. The purposes of the PLA primarily was focused on liberate the country from the aggressor and toppled the imperialism. Now, the PLA has the very important functions, to safeguard the nation, to safeguard the people, protect the territory, unify Chinese territory, and bring the pride for Chinese. Its main Motto is ” To serve the people”. Under the leadership of president Xi Jinping, PLA focuses on the real training for war. Xi develops the doctrine of “Fight and Win”. Here are the following plan of PLA:

By 2020, China must build a technology and mechanism for military modernization (collect all important information and technology) . By 2035, China must achieve the modernization of defense and power (modernize all aspects) , and by 2050, China must be a world military power like the United States, strong and modern in all respects. (Do you think that China will be able have a military power as strong as U.S.?)

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