China-India Relations: What China wants from Indian Ocean?


The Indian ocean is the world third largest ocean that connected from the from South Asia to the Middle East, Africa, and to Southeast Asia. The Indian Ocean serve as the very important maritime strategy and as the trade shipping pass of almost all nations. India Ocean connects to the very important region of oil-rich middle east through Arabian sea. And it connects to the very natural resources-rich of Africa. Indian Ocean also links the very important security of India due to China has built its String of Pearls which allows the Chinese navies to ship very close to the Indian territory. In both land territory, China is gathering all small nations that surrounding Indian borders to put under its domination from Pakistan to Nepal, Bhutan, and and Bangladesh.

In the Indian Ocean, China has brought the Sri Lanka under China’s domination by buying the port of Hambanthota because the Sri Lankan government is able to pay the debt. Maldives is also depends much on Chinese investment. So, India can’t seek the equilibrium with China. China regards itself as the top leader in the region. Here are Chinese Objectives in the Indian Ocean:

  1. Strengthening its influence by allowing its navies to ship for protecting its investment and people in the rich-resources area. Chinese Navies can travel around the Indian water.
  2. Curbing Indian influence in both the land and Sea and expanding its sphere of influence over the major Oceans.
  3. Coercing all nations in the regions to take side, backing Chinese policy. They will fear and respect China.
  4. Earning the advantaged position to counter the terrorism and its key adversaries.
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