China-India Relations: India finds itself hard to reach China’s level


Over the last 40 years , China and India were almost equal both economically and militarily. However, China has overtaken India very far since the series of China’ s successive reforms. China both economic and military has grown so fast especially when enter into the WTO in 2001. In 2010 China overtook Japan as the world second largest economy and plan to overtake the U.S in the coming decade. The word “China” is searching, appearing on the news, books, and thinking more than “India”. China has attracted the global attention to look at it with worries and opportunities. Here are some important points that India feel it is hard to reach China’s level.

  1. Caste System: India is a very rigid caste system society that has been challenge for centuries. Buddha was the one who tried to eradicate the social caste system, but was not accepted by the whole society. It is very dangerous when the people who live in the same society but their privileges and social status are are divided by family.
  2. While Chinese are considered to be the business people, smart, persistent, brave, hard-work, industrious, very productive, and ambitious, Indian society is overwhelmed by religious traditions and beliefs.
  3. Chinese government has the very strong power and has take the strong commitment do whatever possible to develop their nation, clean the government and has a lot of money to expand the influence. Instead, Indian central government has not enough power to force the whole government to follow his thoughts. China is still has the long way to go and reform, but India has something to do more than China.
  4. China has sent millions of student to abroad , then give them the chance to serve the nation, but India education is still low and especially the women and girls have less privileges and discrimination.
  5. Chinese government can speak to all Chinese by one language, but Indian government can’t.
  6. China has already collected the important information and technology for modernizing the military and economy, but India is just awakened.
  7. China has already spread its influence to the world through various project and brought South Asian nations as well as Asean under its influences, But India is just trying to strengthening its roles.

So, India has to cooperate with U.S, Japan, Australia, and EU to contain China ans seek its modernization and growing. India alone can’t counter-China in all fields. Again, India should accept these truths and try to conduct reforms seriously with a very strong commitment.

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