China hides a Big amount of weapons in South China Sea?


In the South China Sea, China has built islands into military bases, including warships, aircraft, weapons and military communications systems. The South China Sea is under the first Island Chain of China, a key strategic issue for China as well as the United States and its allies. China has two islands Chains that is very important for its national security and interest. First island chain that cover the South China Sea is its security, and second island chain that stretch out to pacific ocean is for expanding power.

China main threats and securities come from the eastern China and southern China. Eastern theater, China faces the U.S military bases and its allies such as Japan and South Korea. In Southern theater, China faces the U.S navy that ships in South China Sea and support Taiwan. The south China Sea is a core strategic and economic interests that China has to dealwith are: a. For its national security that has to draw U.S navy as far as possible, b. To extend its power and influence over ASEAN, c. To isolate and Surround Taiwan economically and militarily.

According to U.S sources, In order to control South China Sea, China has build various artificial islands, then deploy its military there. The islands are built in the purposes of , a. Airbases, b. Naval bases, and c. hide various weapons, and d. military communication facility. In the case that the war break out, China will be able to win. While the dispute is increased China has deployed and hidden various weapons that are able to reach the South Vietnam, Philippine, Indonesia, and Singapore. Those weapons are able to sink U.S navies within 5 minutes. However, the percentage of war as mentioned by many scholars are very low. Lee Kuan Yew said that ” there will be a serious contest between U.S and China for supremacy. U.S contests for maintaining its supremacy, while China is trying to frighten the ASEAN and expand its influences.

(Do you believe ?)( For me, China has tries very hard to control the sea, faced many international challenges, if they are not doing as mentioned above, they are stupid).

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