China first two missiles launch into the South China Sea, for what?


The Chinese and American concepts of the South China Sea are very completely different. China thinks that South China Sea, historically, belong to China. And China had very strong influence over the Asia in which China regarded itself as the Middle Kingdom. So, China seems unacceptable when someone who lives very far away come and tell that the Sea is belong to everyone. You have to respect all parties. Surely, surely, surely, that China is very seriously wants to draw U.S navies as far as possible. There are three important issues for China in the Sea. First of all, its national security that has to build a great maritime power, and second, its economic interest and influence, and thirdly, its great dream of great rejuvenation and ambition to be the great global power as equal as U.S by the Middle of 21st century.

The tension in the South China Sea is increased. All parties has accused each other and sued. All parties has tried to control the big parts. Military exercises are conducted regularly by both sides. The military presences of both sides (China and U.S and its allies) are very closed and challenged. China has hidden and deployed various weapons, built up the islands for military bases, while U.S navies are also in the Sea.

In July 26, China had launched the two missiles include DF-21D and DF-26B into the Sea. According to the experts and analysts, the weapons are the most important for China’s strategic to deter and threat the enemies. Why China do so? A. China wants to tell U.S to go away from the region. B. China wants to tell its enemies and include ASEAN that ” you have to be fearful of me. Don’t want to taste these weapons”. C. China wants to tell the disputed partners that ” come on, come on, we solve our problems to gather. D. China also wants to respond to the Taiwan that has just bought U.S jet fighters that ” Don’t want to make more problems”.

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