China and Taiwan: China Could Attack to Seize Taiwan if it continues its aggressive behaviors


In October 1949, Communist China led by Mao Zedong declared the establishment of the People’s Republic of China after the victory over the nationalists led by Zhang Kai-shek. After the complete defeat, the nationalist fled to Taiwan. The United States, the supporter of nationalists in World War II, continued to support the government-in-exile of Taiwan. In 1954, the US Navy left Taiwan. To prevent attacks from mainland Chinese troops, Taiwan has deployed its military forces in Quemoy and Matsu Islands.

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army responded with heavy shelling on the two islands. In response to the Chinese attack, the United States and Taiwan signed a mutual defense agreement.China who has long been wished to be the regional supremacy and global superpower as equal as the U.S has to unify Taiwan, stabilize the Hong Kong and Xinjiang as well as control the big part of South China Sea. The matter is how China going to unify Taiwan? And when?

According to U.S Intelligence Agency reported that China could attack to seize the Taiwan while U.S is in the transitional power in January. The same report revealed that China will fight only three days to finish off Taiwan and control the situation completely. The reason that China has to use the force are , first of all, Taiwan is trying to strengthening its military and ignore Mainland China’s proposal, and Second Taiwan declares its independence. Mainland China will never hesitate to use military to bring the national value and pride back if Taiwan declares independence.

However, If China is really going to use the military it will be the most destructive for Taiwan. China will launch massive attack to make sure that war will be finished very quick to prevent the military supporting from U.S. However, If China is going to soften its behavior, and will not declare the independence, China will try to unify by building the military and economic superiority over Taiwan. Then strengthening China military to surround the Taiwan and use the referendum and public poll to unify Taiwan.

China will never allow someone to separate Taiwan from China. There is no hope for Taiwan that China will allow it to do so. In the Chinese leaders’ mindset, Taiwan is China. And it will be unify and become the great China.

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