Lee Kuan Yew :A Unified China is Inevitable


In order to become a real powerful China, it needs to unify Taiwan. Historically, Taiwan was the main strategic and geopolitical challenges to China that is used by others. It is the main advantaged position of chessboard of Japan and US to disturb and contain China’s rise and power. As political philosophy says “the real power has no vacuum”. If China does not take Taiwan, the others will use it as the threat to China, and the China’s power still under the containment. As the power of China is growing with the 1.3 billion people, the small island of Taiwan has no influence to contain China. Lee said the unified China is only the matter of time.

“Even though China going to use the force, there will no American intervention. Now America can intervention because Chinese Navy is still low. But next time, next time, and next time, Chinese Navy will grow more and more. For China, Taiwan is a core issues, but Taiwan is peripheral issues for US. If America goes to beat China, first time, China will come back, second   time, and third time, they still come back until they win. But I think China will not use force because the economic power will resolve the two problems of independence or intervention”.

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