China and Taiwan: Tsai struggles for bilateral trade with U.S and inter the global chains


Taiwan and U.S has announced their contact to sale the jet fighters to Taiwan in the very big amount ever had for $62 billions at the beginning of this month. Now, president Tsai Ing Wen is trying to move forward a step ahead in order to reduce China’s influence and declare its independence when it can catch the good opportunity. Tsai Ing Wen announced the ease of restriction for importing U.S beef and pork in the hope for bilateral trade agreement with U.S.

Bilateral Trade Agreement with U.S has been a long time dream of Taiwan, but I has not yet accomplished. Amid the U.S-China tensions are increased so high due to the contest for supremacy, Taiwan takes this opportunity to seek for multi-fields agreements with U.S include military and economy. President Tsia declared that ” It will be a great turning point for Taiwanese economy. It would be a great comprehensive economic cooperation with U.S as well as going into the global supply chains”. At the same time, U.S secretary of State, Mike Pompeo welcomed the Tsai’s decesion. He tweeted that ” It is great moves to open for wider and deeper economic and trade cooperation”. The Tsai is playing the very dangerous games to mock Beijing by giving her hand to Trump. It seems not good at all for Tsai to enter into U.S-China tensions.

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