China and Taiwan: Pelosi Taiwan’s visit revelation

The speaker Nanacy Pelosi Taiwan’s visit was an attempt to outrage China to invade Taiwan, yet China’s patience is still unshakable and firm.

There are four reasons to interpret Pelosi Taiwan’s visit that causing the tension and worry of instability in the cross strait:

  1. A survey shows that American antipathy toward China has grown alarmingly. At the same time, the Democratic party’s popularity has been decreased cautiously, which will have a great impact on the midterm elections of the Biden administration. Therefore, the first objective of Pelosi Taiwan’s visit was to restore and seek support from the American people for the Biden administration by showing American hard policy toward China.
  2. It was an attempt to create instability and war in the Cross Straits. Xi Jinping will continue his third term as president in the upcoming months. Xi will have to show his firm stand against the US in order to gain support from the party and people. Therefore, the US would like to test Xi’s patience toward such dis-gracious and furious activity.
  3. A Contest for global supremacy: From now on up to next 10 or 15 years, China will lose everything, including its ambitions, if it will go to war. As we have seen, Russian eminency has decreased rapidly and dramatically after the invasion of Ukraine.
  4. The Loosing of American Supremacy: If China will be able to bear such a painful patience within next 25 to 30 years, China will replace American position as the global superpower# 1. American has calculated well about this matter, therefore it seeks to disrupt and disturb China.

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