China and Europe Relations: the Hopes and Concerns


In 2019, EU considered China as the “Systemic Rival” that could threat to European unity and interests. There are few concerns of EU about China’s presence and huge investment in EU such as trade imbalance, technological transferring, Chinese influence, government’s subsidies to Chinese companies and security. EU also fear that China is bringing the alternative form of government to replace it. Moreover, China abuses of human right which is purely its external problem, but EU has to speak for their grace.

When the Covid-19 hit the EU heavily and almost no EU members that had the willing to help each other, China stepped in to save some EU members include medical aid. The Chinese aid were massive that could put Some members of EU fall under Chinese influence, and China would be able to divide and control. Some scholars called it as “the Mask Diplomacy”.

However, there are quite reasonable interpretations about the EU’s attitude toward China. First of all, EU also could be forced by Trump’s administration to take tough actions against China. Second of all, EU has seen that China has been in the hard tensions with the U.S and need EU badly to cooperate, therefore EU could take this opportunity to gain advantages in the negotiation from China. Third of all, EU hopes that it could force China to obey and Respect EU’s rule. Fourth of all, EU reduce Chinese influence and arrogant behavior. EU also really need China to balance with the US influence over the whole EU. The EU and China will come to a fruitful conclusion that accordance with the principles.

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