China-2050: Not a Dominant but a Leader


China is going to have four aircraft carriers by 2030 and around 8-10 by 2050. This is going to be the biggest number. Just only by 2019, China has 335 warships which is compared to only 296 even though the Chinese quality is lower. Lee Kuan Yew once said that ” Now China is still lower, but the next, the next and the next, China will be higher and stronger”. Deng Xiaoping also advised ” Let’s learn from them(the west), copy from them, then innovate, the compete with them, the last, let’s defeat them”.

According to Lee Kuan Yew, China is going to share the equal position and power with U.S by 2050. And he also believed that China wants to be #1, not the honorary member. Meanwhile, according to Chinese strategic and master plans, China is going to be moderately prosperous by 2035 in the term of Economy and catch up the modern information and technology in the term of military and technology. China is is going to be the completely developed country by 2050, civilized and advanced in culture, the world class military,​​ a great modern socialist country, a stronger and powerful nation in all aspects, achieving the great national rejuvenation and the advanced technology and innovation.

By 2050, China military especially naval power will going to dominate the world oceans from the South China Sea to Pacific, and India and Arabian ocean. China also going to extends to as far as Africa. The Economy of China is going to surpass U.S almost 2/3. China, historically, never wish to conquer or colonize the rest of the world or put the world under its military power. But China want to organize the great harmony on earth by bringing together under the principles of Human Authority. China has no culture of colonize others, but China has great cultures of sharing and learning.

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