Charming Rustic Log Cabin And Beautiful View

Welcome to Log Cabin Fredericksburg, Texas, which is located in Gillespie County, is the location of the location of the log cabin property that is now available for purchase.


The property is set on 9.45 acres. Simply said, there is not much that can be stated that is superior to this. In addition to the main home, the property also has two log cabins that can create revenue.

The Living Area

It is possible to create a magnificent setting for leisure activities by using a big room presentation that is typical in that it has a wall of windows and a trapezoid shape on the top half of the space.

Leveraging the available space is one way to achieve this goal. In the family room, the television is positioned above the stone fireplace, which is located on the left wall of the room and also has a log mantle.


The stone fireplace serves as the focal point of the television. As a consequence, a lovely area is created, which has the potential to serve as the family room.

One of the views that may be seen from the wall of windows is shown in the following image. It depicts the kitchen as viewed from the left side of the room, as well as the stairs that go up to the loft, which is located on the right side of the room.

On the open landing that is located above, there is also the potential of creating a straightforward second living room for the family to use.

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

Several one-of-a-kind decorations have been included in the general design of this property. One example of these decorations is the chandelier that is hanging above the table.

The fact that it has those delightful elements that are typical of a little farmhouse in addition to the fact that it provides you with a style that is both stylish and functional.


The log walls and flooring are a perfect complement to the contemporary design that is achieved by combining these pieces.

The modern design is completed by integrating components such as white log cabinets, a basic island bar, and equipment constructed of black stainless steel via the integration of these components.

When it comes to the copper farmhouse sink, which is an attractive addition to the area, the white log cabinets and the granite worktops that are present in the area are a fantastic fit for each other.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

When a bathroom like this is present, it is equivalent to having a spa sanctuary inside the limits of one’s own house, which is something that everyone hopes to have at some point in their lives.

A glass shower can be found on the left side of the entryway, and a freestanding soaking tub can be found immediately inside the entrance. The living area is where you will find both of these services and conveniences.


In addition to the sinks that are reserved exclusively for him and her, there is also a large linen closet and storage unit that is connected to the wall that surrounds the area. The log cabinetry is constructed out of dark wood.

If you are thinking of soaking baths, this room should be the first thing that comes to mind for you. There is a place where you may go to get away from it all in comfort that is rich, one-of-a-kind, brassy, and elegant.

In addition, the room is supplied with a television that is hung on the wall, and the colors are ordinary and uncomplicated.

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