Charming Log Cabin With 50 Acres, Fire Pit, Creek, And Magical

Welcome to the inside of this Unadilla Log Cabin, which can be found in West End, New York, United States of America, and is situated near Cooperstown All-Star Village Fields, which is described in further detail in the following paragraphs.


The Living Area

It is important to recognize that this amazing and wide room, which is located on the main level of the house, needs to be regarded as the true center point of the property.

It is difficult to imagine what could be lacking in this house, which has a wall of windows that gaze out over the breathtaking lake. What might be anything about this residence that may be considered unfavorable?

Specifically, when you have the rustic style both inside and outdoors, with stone and woodwork wherever you turn, you have the ideal combo. This is especially true when you have a rustic style both inside and outside.

The perspective that looks down into the main floor, which reveals the extra-large space that enables numerous sitting configurations, is something that we love.

This viewpoint is one of our favorites among many others. It is a delightful experience to spend time with friends on the couches that are situated on the side of the fireplace, or even to take a peaceful sleep in front of the fire.


Both of these activities are enjoyable. When you wish to read a book during the week, you may use the comfy chairs that are positioned next to the fireplace.

Not only are these seats perfect for reading a book, but they are also comfortable enough to use throughout the week.

This area has French doors that go out to the terrace, as well as a dining room and kitchen that are not visible in this picture but are located slightly to the right of the main entry.

In addition, this area contains French doors that lead out to the terrace. As a result of this wonderful open floor plan, you and your loved ones will be able to take delight in spending time together throughout the whole year.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

The wonderful and roomy look of this particular bedroom in this log cabin is the result of a lot of factors that add to the overall appearance of the bedrooms.


The beams that are located above the bed, the log walls, and the wood flooring are all examples of characteristics that are included in this category.

Even though it has been kept up to date with the necessary contemporary additions, it nonetheless exudes an air of rustic charm.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

It is the gorgeous handcrafted wood medicine log cabinets that are located in the bathroom that we consider to be our favorite feature found throughout the whole lodge.

There is a large amount of space in the bathroom, and it has granite countertops and log cabinets made of light wood. One of the characteristics of the cottage that we like the most is the cupboards that are located there.


It should not come as a surprise that this contemporary shower, which has a glass door and an area that is exceedingly big enough for two people, is incredibly lovely.

Imagine having your very own private spa right in the convenience of your log cabin, where you may utilize it for your pleasure!

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