Burma Plunges into Civil War?


Rangoon: Myanmar security forces shot dead at least 20 people who took part in an anti-coup rally in Yangon on Sunday, local media reported. The death toll could rise to more than 100 so far, according to the Kyodo News Agency. Video footage showed several gunshots in Baghdad, with residents fleeing on narrow streets and others carrying injured people to save lives. On Saturday, Vice President Mahn Win Khaing Than posted a video message on the Internet calling for the repeal of the constitution on political insurance and towards the establishment of a federal democracy.​

The former parliamentary speaker said their struggle for survival and endeavors were being tested and that all nations must unite to end military monopolies. He added: “This is a very dark time for our country and also a brutal time of military strikes, while the uprising is an opportunity to strive for a federal democracy in which the people are united. “Everyone wants something that has suffered from decades of brutal military rule.

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