In the episode, we will see BRIGHT BLUE A-FRAME-STYLE CABIN! Modern Tiny A-Frame located in New York City.

The Exterior of the cabin

The bright blue exterior of the cabin. There’s also a garage back here. It has this really cool, bright and unique exterior. You see right here? Almost all the other A-frames, or cabins, in general.

And I see these days, are always typically brown or black, or kind of have the same wood finishing and the interior is really cosy, just what you need for these cold winter months.

The Living room

This is the main room. As soon as you walk through the front door, you got your whole fireplace area. Then the kitchen is on the other end. And so you have a nice little chair, a smart TV is straight ahead with all your Netflix and Amazon Prime, all that normal stuff. I really love these stone fireplaces as well.

It a really, really beautiful, perfect for those warm and cosy winter nights, you have the couch as well. So enough seating here for, you know a family or a small group. This is also a gas-powered fireplace. You watch the channel, you know, I really suck at starting fires. So this stuff made my life a lot easier while keeping the entire room very warm.

The Kitchen of the cabin

The kitchen. Probably the main feature of the kitchen that stuck out to me is that really gigantic island countertop in the centre. Has two stools underneath it for some additional seating and plenty of space, to either cook up a full meal, cook up a storm while you’re staying there, or to heat up some takeout, or any meals you might get from the local restaurants.

You have a stainless steel refrigerator though, you have your stove top, you have your microwave and just tons of countertop space. So this is definitely a full-fledged kitchen in my mind when I first saw it. So pretty simple, you have four chairs around it. It’s plenty of space to have your meals. But now let’s go and finish off on the first floor. If you go down this hallway past the kitchen.

The Dining table

The last space to cover in this main room is just the dining room table so you have meal with your family and enjoy your dinner

There are two bedrooms and one bathroom, so let’s go and check them out. So we’ll have through the door on the left-hand side first, you’re going to see three doors.

The First bedroom

This is the first bedroom that we’ll check out. Definitely, I’ll be betting on the interior design, (indistinct) and the rest of the aesthetic of the cabin, and right in front of the bed, you have a full-length mirror.

The Bunk Bedroom

The bunk beds room. This is a cabin I think, definitely meant for a family. You have the bedroom we were just in, this bunk beds room and then the loft bedroom for the parents, which is definitely my favourite space.

Which we’ll be getting to very shortly. But you have some more plants and decorations on top of this dresser. And then basically just like the other bedroom, you had that same, a full-length mirror and closet setup.

The Bathroom of the cabin

Into the door on the right-hand side. And that is your bathroom. Bathroom There’s one bathroom inside the cabin, but it was simple and clean. Obviously have your shower and your toilet, your countertop, and some extra toiletries up there in that cabinet.


The Loft Bedroom of this cabin

The Loft bedroom is love for every loft. And all the A-frame cabins are so different from each other. I really love this one. I especially loved all the bedding, how everything was matched with everything from the ceilings to the curtain, to the dresser.


on top of the tables are your nightstands. Those spheres are actually your lamps. I thought that was a super cool design. If you actually come down here on the left-hand side, hanging from here is a Pocono Mountains.


The colours schemes up here, really bright and popping, definitely caught my eye. You have a little bookshelf over here, some extra books to keep you entertained. You have some plants in this one corner and some hangers.


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