Breathtaking Vacationer Log Cabin In Pennsylvania

Welcome to this log cabin in Lenhartsville, Pennsylvania, which is 720 square feet in size and includes two bedrooms, is an excellent example to look at if the idea of owning a log cabin building has always been something that you have fantasized about.


The Living Area

As soon as you approach the log cabin from the side entrance, you will see stairs going directly in front of you that leads to the second floor of the log cabin. It is down these steps that you will arrive.

By entering the open area that is situated to the right, one may obtain direct access to the living space as well as the great room.

During the time that you are in this position, you will have the opportunity to take in a spectacular view by gazing out the windows and see how the space has been constructed in a way that is meant to be beneficial to the day-to-day operations of the company.

When seen from this vantage point on the other side of the house, one may be able to get a peek at the front door and how it opens up into the house.


The first photo that can be seen above reveals that it is situated in close vicinity to the wall of windows and the stone chimney that can be seen in the image. This is shown by the distance between the two.

These cathedral ceilings in this room open up and create a larger area, which gives the sense that the house is larger than the square footage that is mentioned.

This impression is formed because the cathedral ceilings in this room open up. The arrangement of the furniture is typical of large spaces.

The trapezoid windows and the high ceilings both contribute to the log cabin’s capacity to allow in a large number of natural light, which is a significant benefit. The house also has a lot of natural light.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

The photo that can be seen at the bottom of this page depicts one of the bedrooms that are located in this house. This room is packed with antique and vintage goods that have exquisite woodwork and stains all over their surfaces.

The furniture in this room is of a classic design, and the space itself is loaded with antique and vintage items.


In addition to being big enough to accommodate a queen-sized or maybe even a king-sized bed, this room is also spacious enough to accommodate a few tables, a small sitting area, and of course, a chest of drawers and a wardrobe.

If the room in question is the master bedroom, there is a possibility that there is a bathroom that is connected to it. However, the presence of a closet is very improbable to be an obvious feature.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

There is a luxurious master bathroom suite that is just amazing, and it is located right next to the bedroom. Whenever we come across a bathtub that is capable of enabling you to soak in it, we are always amazed, and this particular bathtub is very stunning.


In addition to the silver feet and the white inside, the wood grain that is seen on the outside of the tub is something that we truly like.

Taking a soothing and soothing bubble bath at the end of a hard day is the ideal way to unwind and relax, and this is a contemporary spin on a time-honored tradition that has been practiced for centuries.

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