Biden’s trade representative vows to work with allies cautiously in returning to TPP


Washington- Mrs. Katherine Tai, Trade representative of President Joe Biden, has vowed to work with US allies to address what Washington considers China’s unfair economic practices, but cautious about a return to a major Pacific trade deal that the United States withdrew from four years ago. Mrs.Tai, who heads China’s unfair anti-trade force at the US Trade Representative, said at the Senate hearing that she was aware of the importance of strategic and relevant planning to hold China accountable to its promises and compete effectively. “I know it’s important to build what the president calls the United States Allied Front,” she said.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, speaks during a news conference in Wilmington, Delaware, U.S., on Thursday, March 12, 2020. Biden sought to deliver an antidote to President Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus outbreak on Thursday, unveiling a new plan that shows how he would fight the spread of the virus and urging the administration to use it. Photographer: Ryan Collerd/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Her remarks undoubtedly shifted from the previous administration under the previous administration of former President Donald Trump, which critics say has divided the alliance and undermined China’s effective global response. She also said she would work to implement a so-called US-China trade agreement, the first phase in which Beijing agreed to increase purchases of US products, strengthen intellectual property protection and settle allegations of forced technology transfer. The trade expert told the Senate Finance Committee, citing an agreement signed in January last year, following a provision that China requires a pledge, “China must do it.” At the same time, she cautioned that the United States should work towards a speedy return of the Trans-Pacific Free Trade Agreement after withdrawing of Donald Trump office in 2017, due to concerns about possible US job loss.

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