Biden: Putin is a murderer and Putin will have to pay for this


In an interview with ABC News on March 17, US President Biden said openly: Russian President Vladimir Putin will be paid for his actions. Russian Foreign Ministry summons Russian ambassador to Washington for questioning​, Russia’s parliament speaker has called Biden’s remarks an insult to the Russian people. The first person to use the word “murderer” was not Biden, but was interviewed by ABC journalist George Stephanopoulos with Biden.

Among many questions, one asked Biden, “Do you know Vladimir Putin?” Do you think he is a murderer? ” “Yes, I think so,” Biden replied, but he did not elaborate on his answer. It is not known whether Biden was referring to anti-Russian or activist Alexei Valney. Recalled that Navalny was a deadly opposition to Putin, who suffered from pollution in August 2020, the US administration Drop the responsibility on Russia.

He is currently being held in Russia after returning to his homeland after receiving medical treatment in the country. Germany. Although Biden did not personally say that Putin was a murderer, he simply agreed. And the journalists’ questions are enough to provoke Russia. Putin has yet to respond to Biden, but the Russian Foreign Ministry has summoned its ambassador in Washington to interrogate.

Russia’s parliamentary speaker, one of Putin’s top aides, is not intimidated by Biden’s remarks is Insulting Russian citizens and an attack on Russia. US-Russia relations become strained This may be the first time an incumbent US president has openly and publicly mentioned Russian President Vladimir Putin, a murderer. Indeed, for many years, US and Russia have known the strained relations, even during the time of US President Barack Obama or Donald Trump.

In the past, US lawmakers have accused Putin of being a murderer, but never had a picture of a US president. Even Obama, who has a strong anti-Russian stance, has never dared to consider Putin an assassin. So, like it or not, Biden’s remarks will now strain already strained relations between Washington and Moscow will go up another level of stress. Russia has already warned that the United States is fully responsible for the new diplomatic crisis between the two countries. But it has been observed that while Moscow is heating up, Washington seems to be trying to calm the situation without summoning the ambassador. Its ambassador to Moscow, as Russia did.

The State Department told AFP that it would like to keep the US ambassador in Russia to reduce misunderstandings, Biden also reiterated his desire to continue working with Russia on common interests. Biden wants to clear (revenge) with Putin? Since assuming the presidency in January 2021, Biden has been firm and intolerant of Putin. What Biden wants to tell Putin is that he is not Trump, and the era of Russia-US relations in the past between Putin and Trump separately ended.

Biden wants to tell Putin that the United States today has rediscovered its place, no longer where the United States has known for four years in the time of Trump. Indeed, there are many cases in which the United States under Biden wanted to settle the list with Russia, including Russia suspected of giving money The Taliban to kill US troops in Afghanistan, and suspected of recent cyber-attacks on the United States, and in particular Russia’s involvement in the 2016 and 2020 US elections.

On Tuesday, March 16, the US Department of Intelligence released a report suggesting that Putin may have tried to divert US election results from Biden’s victory goes to Trump. Russia has denied the allegations, saying baseless and unsubstantiated. But in an interview with ABC television, Biden confirmed Putin would pay for the move. “You see in the future what consequences Putin will face,” Biden responded to question, which ABC News George Stephanopoulos asked Biden how much Putin would pay for his involvement in the US election 2020, when Biden defeated Trump.

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