Biden and Kamala Harris come every headlines of every news,


Kamala Harris is the first of American history to run as the vice presidential candidate. She is the first black and Asian American to run for this position. Biden makes the world so attractive to his decision to chose her as the vice president. After the announcing, the scholars, former presidents, and former secretary send their support for them. Biden’s decision is the very important step to beat down the ruling president Donald Trump. Many scholars, Analyst, commentators, and ordinary people also feels very surprise to his historical decision. They both appear on most of the news. Donald Trump also said that ” he was surprise”. The word “Surprise for Trump probably means that they are ” stronger”.

Biden is seen as trying to use the strategy of gathering the power to counter the power. This is the strategy of what US always uses in international politics to gather the allies. Biden named Harris as the ” Fearless fighter”. Harris also “Honored ” and promised to try her best. They can work well together. Trump is trying to lower them down. Now Trump is trying to urge for anti-covid 19 vaccine to challenge Russia. He hope that if the Vaccine is successfully produced, it can help him to gain more support.

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