Barack Obama, the author of A Promised Land, commented On George Floyd


George Floyd was murdered one year ago today. Since then, hundreds more Americans have died in encounters with police—parents, sons, daughters, friends taken from us far too soon. But the last year has also given us reasons to hope. Today, more people in more places are seeing the world more clearly than they did a year ago.

It’s a tribute to all those who decided that this time would be different—and that they, in their own ways, would help make it different. When injustice runs deep, progress takes time. But if we can turn words into action and action into meaningful reform, we will, in the words of James Baldwin, “cease fleeing from reality and begin to change it.”

Barack Obama, according to his words, felt that the injustice among the racism in the US is still so deep. The US, as the leader of the liberal world, has to reform and take immediate actions. US cannot teach the world about the liberty, freedom, justice, if you are yourself are doing it. Nothing would destroy the US, but its internal matter of racism that has long been promoted.

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