Aung San Suu Kyi: the most saddest and most strong-minded woman


In Burma, perhaps love and hate with anger are raging. Citizens’ anger and hatred may be so great on their leaders that they feel that they are not given what they want, and the freedom and right are being taken. In addition, they may feel very painful and unacceptable when their loved ones, like their mother, their hopes, is taken away by the military government and placed under house arrest again. In such a situation, the people of Burma only risk their lives at gunpoint, begging for some freedom and telling them “non-violence, “non-violence, non-violence, non-violence, .” This is how they can exercise their powerless right in accordance with the philosophy “it is the right of citizens to change leaders who do not respect the will of the people”. What they expect is that their good homeland will be able to provide peace to their children and to Aung San Suu Kyi.

Aung San Suu Kyi, Although her life is famous all over the world and a hero in the hearts of many people, but she is also live the saddest life in the world. She is beautiful, smart, strong-willed, patient, persistent and the mentor for women. She had a father who was a national independence hero, but was brutally murdered, leaving his wife, a widow, to lead the life under the Junta government. After losing her father, she was separated from her beloved mother and homeland for more than 20 years until she married a foreigner. Suddenly, in the late 1980s, her mother became seriously ill, waiting for the day of death.

As a daughter, she must think of gratitude, and have to say goodbye to her children, say goodbye to her beloved husband, and determined to enter the country to see her mother for the last time. After losing her beloved mother and beloved father, she became a politician, continuing her father’s will for the people and building democracy.

After struggling against the junta, she achieved great success, gaining overwhelming popular support for her to lead the country. But unfortunately, the military refused to not only give her power, but also detained her at home and cracked down on protesters brutally. Another saddest news came to hit her life down. Her beloved husband who was living at overseas was having the very severe cancer that can no longer live. In such a situation, she is very upset whether she has to go to see her beloved husband or still fight for her beloved homeland to inherit her father and promote the democracy.

Her final decision was to wipe away her tears and said sorry to her husband for the arrested house. Dear beloved husband, forgive me from a distance who could not see you, because if I agreed to leave to see you, I might not be able to return to my beloved homeland. The people and the democracy might be not be able to flourish in this land. Therefore, sorry dear husband, sorry forever, sorry for this life that I can’t accompany you at the dead bed . This nation may have to struggle to the last breath.

All the pains and loses can’t make her perseverance and conscience decline and become weak. Now she is being detained by the military again, losing her position to serve the country. The message from the arresting house is still for the people and for democracy,” If you are helpless, be helpful for others. “She is an empty-handed but fearless woman who is fighting to overthrow the group of military whom has countless weapons. Now, the demonstration and denouncement against the junta are coming from everywhere. The Junta is walking in the wrong path again.

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