Apricity Mountain Resort’s A-Frame Cabin Experience


Nestled atop the lush, unspoiled landscapes of Doña Remedios Trinidad in Bulacan, lies a hidden treasure unlike any other – the A-frame Cabin Villa Apricity Mountain Resort.

As a lover of unique travel experiences, I was intrigued by this exclusive villa that promises a blend of industrial chic and minimalist design amidst nature’s breathtaking canvas.

A-Frame Cabin Experience

In this post, I’ll take you through my extraordinary stay at this serene mountain-top sanctuary, a perfect escape for those seeking a blend of luxury and tranquility.

A-Frame Cabin Experience

The heart of the Apricity Mountain Resort is its A-frame cabin, a marvel of modern architecture fused with rustic charm. With a floor size of 66.25sqm, including a balcony and a cozy loft bed,

A-Frame Cabin Experience

The cabin comfortably accommodates six guests, and up to eight with extra floor mattresses. Its 45sqm lot size feels both intimate and spacious, thanks to the ingenious design.

A-Frame Cabin Experience

Stepping inside, I was greeted by two plush queen-size beds and a welcoming sofa, all set against the backdrop of the cabin’s warm wooden interiors. For larger groups, four additional single-floor mattresses ensure everyone sleeps in comfort. Despite its mountain location, the cabin is equipped with air conditioning and fans, ensuring a comfortable climate no matter the weather outside.

A-Frame Cabin Experience

Kitchen and Dining

The villa’s kitchen is a delightful surprise, boasting basic yet elegant utensils sufficient for eight people. Preparing meals here felt like a joy, not a chore, thanks to the thoughtfully arranged space.

A-Frame Cabin Experience

Adjacent to the kitchen, the dining area, with its capacity of 8-10 people, became our nightly gathering spot, filled with laughter and stories over shared meals.

A-Frame Cabin Experience

Bathroom and Shower Facilities

The separate toilet and shower areas, each spanning 6.25sqm, offer privacy and convenience. The modern fixtures and clean lines complement the cabin’s minimalist theme, making even these utilitarian spaces feel like part of the experience.

A-Frame Cabin Experience

Outdoor Amenities

Outside, the 7.5sqm dipping pool is a delight. Half of it is elevated, perfect for kids, while the other half allows adults to unwind and soak in the stunning multi-layered landscape. The resort also offers a two-person tent for those craving a camping experience under the stars.

A-Frame Cabin Experience

Comfort and Convenience

Throughout my stay, what stood out was the attention to comfort. The bedding was luxurious, the living area inviting, and the overall ambiance a perfect blend of homeliness and high-end retreat. The inclusion of both fans and air conditioning meant that our comfort was a priority.


Staying at the Apricity Mountain Resort was like stepping into a different world. Each morning, I woke up to the soft glow of sunrise filtering through the A-frame windows. The days were spent exploring the surrounding natural beauty, while evenings were for relaxation, either by the pool or cozied up inside the cabin.

A-Frame Cabin Experience

Tips for Visitors

For future visitors, I recommend packing comfortable hiking gear to explore the surrounding trails. Also, bring your favorite recipes; the kitchen invites culinary experimentation. Most importantly, come with a heart ready to unwind and absorb the tranquility this place offers.


My time at the Apricity Mountain Resort was more than just a stay; it was an immersive experience in harmony with nature. This villa is ideal for families, groups of friends,

A-Frame Cabin Experience

Or even solo travelers seeking solace away from the bustle of everyday life. Its blend of modern aesthetics, comfort, and breathtaking surroundings makes it a destination worth visiting.

A-Frame Cabin Experience

Additional Information

For those interested, booking information and current offers can be found on the Apricity Mountain Resort’s website. Remember, the villa comfortably fits six persons, with a maximum capacity of eight, ensuring an exclusive and intimate experience.

So, if you’re searching for an unforgettable vacation spot, look no further than the Apricity Mountain Resort – a jewel atop the mountains of Bulacan, waiting to be discovered.

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