Analyst: Joe Biden Should meet North Korean Leader Sooner


The main political objective of North Korea to survive is ” the weapon first”. In order to do so, they (North Koreans) prefer to eat grass just to have destructive weapons. However, the U.S main political objective in the region is “Denuclearization” to make sure that South Korea and Japan will not wish to produce such destructive nuclear weapon. Therefore, it is very necessary for Joe Biden to meet Kim as soon as possible to talk and give him the ways.

Despite domestic problems, the administration of US President Joe Biden should initiate the resumption of diplomatic relations with North Korea as soon as possible, according to an analyst spoke on Wednesday. Suzanne DiMaggio, a senior analyst at the Carnegie Endowment International Peace Analyst, said: “I strongly believe that there is a strong case for a speedy start with North Korea. “I think it is better to take the initiative before North Korea acts provocatively.” Hwang Ji-hwan, a professor at Seoul University, said the Biden administration should reject the Obama-era stance on North Korea as a less tactical approach. “North Korea is no longer a separate threat, so North Korea should now be a national security priority and strategic tolerance will be useless for Biden,” he said.

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