Analysis: More than 6% of China’s economic growth shows China’s confidence and strength


The annual National People’s Congress (NPC) inaugurated the Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang’s report on the work of the Chinese government in the General Assembly.

China’s growth rate this year, which has attracted global attention, is set to exceed that of China. 6% Previously, most external estimates for the pace of China’s economic growth were higher than 6% The International Monetary Fund’s estimate is this year. China to grow 8.1%

But China has set a growth rate of more than 6 percent, meaning 6 percent is the lowest figure, and even put the word “above”. Different from the “probably” stated in previous years, so the actual growth rate of China’s economy this year may be higher than the figure.

By 2020, China has not announced a target for China’s economic growth, but in this year’s government work report, the figures show China’s economic growth again is not a surprise, and this is an event that takes into account the situation Practical today

Why? in 2020, China has not set an unusual growth ratethis is a special action at a special time. At the time, Kovid 19 was spreading rapidly around the world. The world economy was highly uncertain. China’s economy, which has been deeply integrated with the global economy, is also facing challenges.

Setting a goal that does not fit the actual situation is no better than not setting a growth rate figure. Be responsible But now the situation is very different. China’s economy returns to normal Has become the only major economic entity in the world to achieve Positive growth

Therefore, China has sufficient conditions to determine the pace of economic growth according to its actual situation.

The globalization of China’s economy is very high, and at the same time there is a strong internal momentum and the superiority of the regime. China has diverse capabilities to withstand all kinds of challenges in order to maintain progress and stability

At the same time, Chinese society is now the most confident after the trade war, while the world More optimistic about China as well. Until outsiders discuss that China’s gross domestic product may surpass US ahead of 2028 deadline

Taking into account the actual situation in China, the figure of 6% is not very high, more importantly, the word “beyond” the word shows Focusing on the Chinese economy this year is also the goal of the Chinese people’s efforts

China’s 100 trillion yuan economy will continue to maintain the fastest growth rate among major economies on The whole world and the speed of China’s economic growth is the most prominent figure for the world to understand Chinese socialism.

Undoubtedly, no results can be obtained easily. This year, the Chinese people will continue to fold their sleeves and work hard. Continue to struggle!

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