Amazing Log Cabin With Decks And Enchanting

Welcome to Log Cabin Taking into account the potential of spending some time inside this spacious log cabin on Norris Lake, which has decks and a dock, is something that should be considered.


Additionally, in addition to its position in New Tazewell, the Norris Lake Cabin provides visitors with free WiFi connectivity throughout the whole of the vacation property for the duration of their stay.

The Living Area

When seen from this vantage point on the other side of the log cabin, one may be able to get a peek at the front door and how it opens up into the log cabin.

The first photo that can be seen above reveals that it is situated in close vicinity to the wall of windows and the stone chimney that can be seen in the image. This is shown by the distance between the two.


These cathedral ceilings in this room open up and create a larger area, which gives the sense that the house is larger than the square footage that is mentioned.

This impression is formed because the cathedral ceilings in this room open up. The arrangement of the furniture is typical of large spaces.

The trapezoid windows and the high ceilings both contribute to the home’s capacity to allow in a large number of natural light, which is a significant benefit. The log cabin also has a lot of natural light.

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

The kitchen is only one of the numerous rooms that are shown for your viewing pleasure in this tour of the house that you are now experiencing.

There is a significant number of individuals who think that the kitchen is the absolute most essential place in the house.

This is not only because it is the location where meals are cooked, but also because it is the location where family and friends spend time together.

It is possible for you to quickly cook meals while you are speaking with your loved ones and friends since this kitchen is open to both the living room and the dining area, even though it only has a single modest island bar.


The stain and trim that surround the house are a fantastic match for the wooden cabinets that line this magnificent kitchen, which also has a considerable amount of storage space.

The cabinets are a perfect fit for the whole home. The refrigerator and dishwasher are located on the far left side of the room, while the microwave and stove are located on the back wall in the center of the room.

Each of these equipment is white, which contributes to the overall simplicity of the design. To the right of the two other cabinets, there is a bigger cabinet that most likely serves as a pantry.

This cabinet is located underneath the other two cabinets. This cabinet is visible via the window in the room.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

In the master bedroom, which is situated on the main level, there is a bathroom that is linked to the master suite.


There is space for a king-sized bed, there are walk-in closets, and there is even space for a comfortable chair to be placed in the corner to create your very own private reading nook. All of these features are available to you.

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