Amazing Log Cabin Tucked In A Meadow.

Welcome to taking a trip to the Meadow Log Cabin, a quaint vacation property that is hidden away in a meadow on the banks of Sycamore Creek, is something that you should give serious consideration to doing.


The setting of the log cabin is such that it may be described as a nice, calm, and quiet spot. This is because it is situated in a large meadow that is directly on the stream.

The Kitchen

Additionally, the kitchen and the dining nook are both located behind the section of the living room that is placed behind it.

An example of one of the improvements that this family has made to their house is the addition of a huge wooden table that has the appearance of a picnic table.

When the kids are enjoying meals with the family, a table like this is not only welcome for them, but it also provides a perfect space to meet together with friends and family around the holidays for a potluck or even just a simple game night.


If a house does not have a heart, then there is little doubt that it does not meet the criteria to be considered a genuine domestic space.

We are now in the kitchen at this very moment! In this particular region’s kitchen, there are some stunning oak log cabinets, and there is also a one-of-a-kind island that is tilted and offers a substantial amount of additional storage space in addition to counter space.

By placing five to six stools around the perimeter of the structure that faces the living room, it is also feasible to create a lovely breakfast nook or bar. This may be accomplished by situating the stools in a circular pattern.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

This log cabin has two bedrooms, both of which are spacious and attractive in their special ways. Both of the bedrooms are located in the same building.

The rooms that have a lot of space for dressers, chests of drawers, closets, and chairs are the ones that we like the most when they are present on our furniture.


These are the areas that we find to be particularly lovely. A few instances of the rustic components that surround this room are the open wardrobe, the old-fashioned desk, and the open closet.

These aspects all add to the extremely lovely look of the space, which is a result of the presence of these elements.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

In addition to that, there is a particular bedroom that is located on the very highest floor of the building.

Even though it is a relatively small site, it has all of the appeal that you want and desire but cannot find elsewhere.


If you so choose, the room is spacious enough to accommodate a king-sized bed, and the closet is quite accommodating in terms of the amount of space it provides when it comes to storage.

An additional benefit is that the open area is located above the closet is a great site for storage. This is a very convenient position.

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