Amazing Cabin Right On The River, Complete With A Hot Tub

Hello, Everyone! We endured to find out for you. This episode will show you “Amazing Cabin Right On The River, Complete With A Hot Tub” in Leavenworth, Washington, United States.

Our family of four really loved staying here, and we are happy to recommend it to anybody looking for a location to do so.

Travis is without a doubt an excellent host; he was prompt in his responses and attentive to our requirements while we were there, and we much appreciated both of these traits during the whole of our stay there.

Amazing Cabin Right On The River, Complete With A Hot Tub


The view is out of this world, and the money that was spent on the hot tub was most definitely money that was money that was money that was well spent.

Our kids had much to do, and they enjoyed themselves immensely during the time that they were allowed to spend up in the loft.

The cabin is lovely in every conceivable way you can think of looking at it. I am referring to the home’s stunning vistas as well as the enchanting atmosphere that it exudes throughout.

The beds are quite cozy, the hot tub was spotless, and the whole house was immaculately clean and in wonderful shape, almost as if it were brand new the whole time.

In addition to just much everything else, Travis gives you with firewood to use in the fireplace.

The only item that is not provided by him is the food that you produce for yourself in your own kitchen.


  • 2 Bedrooms
  • 6 Guests
  • 4 Beds
  • 1 Bath

and more…

The Exterior of the Cabin

The cabin has everything that one might desire, but in contrast to some of the other mountain sites that we have been to, it does not offer an abundance of trinkets and other items for sale.

We were able to make the most of the considerable snowfall that fell during our time at the home by making use of the hot tub that was situated on the terrace.

The property is so close to the water that it is almost like being on the water.

The quaint little house brims with character and emits an endearing air of coziness and familiarity with its surroundings.

Amazing Cabin Right On The River, Complete With A Hot Tub


Wonderful aspects of the accommodation were both the large windows and the terrace, which offered magnificent views of the surrounding area and was accessible from the room.

The air was thick with an unpleasant odor that was quite reminiscent of disinfecting agents and cleaning supplies.

It was so potent that it gave me a terrible feeling and made me feel ill to my stomach.

Because it was already so chilly inside, I was unable to properly ventilate the space even though I had no choice but to prop the door open for a few minutes.

I was forced to prop the door open for a few minutes since I had no other option.

There were just a few matches left, and the lighter had been completely used up, yet it was still full of ashes and charred wood. The logs that were intended to be used for the fire were moist.

There was no visual since there was no television linked up to the computer. There was an effort made to get in touch with the receiver by text message, but there was no response.

Amazing Cabin Right On The River, Complete With A Hot Tub


The mattresses were very nice, and all in all, this property is really homey. The price that you pay for it is more than justified by how much you enjoy being here in comparison to other places.

In spite of the fact that it was the middle of November and the surrounding environment was definitely quiet, it was a great backdrop for a tranquil baby moon because of its proximity to the holiday season.

My family used to go vacations at Grand Lake when I was a child, and I had entirely forgotten how peaceful the town is during the wintertime.

The Bedroom

The first bedroom and the second bedroom, which are both found in the same structure, are situated in the exact same room, which is the second bedroom.

They are right next to one another. And once again, it seems that they are pretty similar to one another.

It is recommended that the construction of the wall on the other side of the room begin using this piece of the wall as the beginning point.

Amazing Cabin Right On The River, Complete With A Hot Tub


In spite of this, there is still another piece of artwork hanging just over the top of the mattress in this particular room.

There are some tables to the left and right of the bed, and although while it is undeniably a lovely setting or room for a couple,

I feel that a family or a small party would be more likely to book this location due to the availability of these tables. This is due to the fact that there are tables located on both the left and right sides of the bed.

The Bathroom

The level of sophistication that has been achieved in this bathroom’s design is nothing short of astonishing. After that, you are going to take a shower in the exact location that has been outlined above.

Amazing Cabin Right On The River, Complete With A Hot Tub


One of the elements of the room that had the most impact on me was the sharp contrast between the black shower head and handle and the white tile in the bathroom. I found this contrast particularly striking.

One of the things that stood out to me as being particularly significant was this one.

Amazing Cabin Right On The River, Complete With A Hot Tub


The bathroom that has recently undergone restoration and has an independent shower cubicle, a bedroom that is situated in a section of the apartment that is totally separate from the rest of the space, and a bunk bed that is positioned in the loft area of the unit in the event that you have children.

The Livingroom

This part of the home serves as the family gathering spot and is also known as the living room.

The loft, in addition to being the location of one of the bedrooms, can be found at the very top of the staircase.

Amazing Cabin Right On The River, Complete With A Hot Tub


This area has a fireplace, and to the left of the fireplace, there is a smart TV mounted on the wall.

In addition to that, the living room included a magnificent fireplace and a cozy seating space for lazing about.

When it came to a couple goods that were either not available or were running short, Travis was an amazing help and extremely sympathetic of the situation.

The Kitchen of this Cabin

In spite of the fact that it is on the smaller side, the kitchen gives all of the conveniences that one may want or desire in a space that is intended just for the preparation of meals, despite the fact that it is on the smaller side.

We had no trouble preparing meals for a group of six despite the fact that there were six of us since the kitchen was so well-equipped and the vacation rental property also included a BBQ in the yard.

Both of these conveniences came through for us in a big way when we were in a need and could have really used their help.

Amazing Cabin Right On The River, Complete With A Hot Tub


Dishes, pots and pans, cutlery, spices, and other minor home equipment were offered in the hot tub in addition to those that were offered in the kitchen.

Both of these locations had a respectable assortment of the aforementioned things.

In addition to other things, the kitchen had a substantial supply of both perishable and nonperishable foods. The variety was astounding.

The bed offered an exceptional capacity for both rest and relaxation to its occupants.

The Bedroom of the Cabin

This cabin includes a total of three places to sleep, including a loft space that is equipped with a bunk bed for any children who may be staying there,

in addition to two separate bedrooms that are designated for adults. Despite this, I find that I sleep more better on this bed than in others since it has two nightstands, one on each side of the mattress.

Amazing Cabin Right On The River, Complete With A Hot Tub


The headboard, on the other hand, is one of the most comfortable parts of the bed.

If we now direct our attention to the door on the left that we used to enter the chamber for the very first time, you should be able to see a black ladder in that area.

Amazing Cabin Right On The River, Complete With A Hot Tub


If we make it to the very top of that ladder, what opportunities will present themselves to us?

You can rent this cabin on Airbnb for $506  per night. Book your stay here.

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