A Stunning Log Cabin With Decorative Timber Frame

Welcome to Log Cabin the design of homes, there is a wide range of styles and designs from which to choose, and one of the most common options can be found in the form of wood frames. Furthermore, there is a wide variety of alternatives that may be chosen from.


The Living Area

Specifically, the main level of this particular log cabin has an open floor plan that is not only well-designed but also spacious. Additionally, it has a dining room, a living area that is rather spacious, and a kitchen that is tucked into a corner.

This living room boasts a stone fireplace that was built to order and a log mantle that is both stunning and authentic to the traditional log cabin design that you are familiar with and like.

The fireplace was manufactured to order. Upon the customer’s request, the fireplace was constructed.


A lovely place to relax with the family or with any youngsters who may be present, the room that is being featured is a perfect spot to do so because of its open layout.

In this location, the quantity of space that is available is more than enough to accommodate either the act of placing board games on the coffee table or the act of just sitting down with a movie.

Behind the couch is where you will discover the staircase that leads to the loft area on the second story. This staircase can be found in the space behind the sofa.

Specifically, the venue in question is a gaming room, which is something that you will undoubtedly like and find to be enjoyable.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

In addition to being a pleasant and spacious atmosphere, the bedroom has its very own private gas fireplace that is tucked away in the corner of the room.


To achieve a contemporary appearance, they have installed a green wall behind the bed in addition to the wood ceiling, floor, and walls. It was necessary to do this to get the impression that was sought.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

One has the option of selecting from several different bathrooms that are available inside this institution.

Because of its compact size and the fact that it combines a shower and a bathtub into a single shower and bathtub, this bathroom is ideal for use as a secondary bathroom or for use in conjunction with another bathroom.


It is without a doubt the case that the breathtaking heart-shaped soaking jacuzzi bathtub is the best choice for honeymooners or couples who are taking pleasure in a romantic holiday.

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