A Shenandoah Gem Log Cabin That Is Both Charming

Welcome to Log Cabin Upon opening your eyes for the first time, you will be met with the breathtaking panorama of the Shenandoah Mountains, in addition to the great architecture and design of this charming small cottage.


Located within walking distance of this recently constructed log cabin with the same name, the Shenandoah River and the Shenandoah River Outfitters Canoe Company are both accessible along the river.

The Living Area

Not only does the great room include cathedral ceilings, which are a kind of traditional architecture, but it also has a wall of windows that offers breathtaking views of the surrounding area.

As can be seen in the photograph, the center of the outside wall is occupied by a stone fireplace that was built specifically to hang Christmas stockings. This fireplace was made only to hang stockings.


In the same vein, the mantle of the fireplace is constructed out of logs. On the other hand, it is not out of the question that the television that is positioned over the mantle may also be located in this particular region.

This impression is created by the lighter wood treatment, which gives the impression that the room is brand new and has just recently been completed.


It has undergone a stunning transformation that has endowed it with a contemporary appearance while also preserving the rustic atmosphere that you like.

We not only get a great lot of joy from the construction of buildings that feature exact brickwork and excellent woodwork, but we also derive a great deal of satisfaction from this endeavor.

The development of a fireplace that is not only made of solid stone but also created in such a way that it fits together appropriately is a beautiful accomplishment in the realm of art.


The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

Not only is there more space available at the bar, but there is also space at the dining table, which can be seen in the background of this picture.

A setting that is perfect for hosting a gathering of friends or for sharing a meal throughout the evening to enjoy together.


The stove that is located in this kitchen is one of our favorites, and it is a genuine chef’s kitchen, replete with additional burners and twin ovens. This kitchen is equipped with all of the necessary appliances.

Even though the stainless steel appliances look great in contrast to the dark wood log cabinets, the copper farmhouse-style sink was the item that truly attracted my attention in the area.

It was the sink that was the focal point of my attention. It is quite wonderful and has a very classic aspect!

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

The bedrooms of the log cabin, in addition to having a large number of windows, have the magnificent wood walls and ceilings that you would anticipate seeing in a house of this sort.


The log cabin also has a lot of windows. To add insult to injury, the room in issue has a private deck entry that is completely outfitted with sliding glass doors. This is an even more stunning feature.

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